Owner - Decor Specialist

From day one I knew I wanted to be in the hospitality industry. I love meeting, helping and serving people. When I was 15 I landed a position in hospitality that confirmed to me I was heading in the right direction. By 16, I was employed by a local hotel. I was with them for 25 years. It is there that I truly learned the ins and outs of hospitality AND life. With everything I learned, I finally decided to go out on my own endeavor. In 2006 Covered With Elegance was established! All starting with a simple, custom made Chair Cover for some special clients. The rest is history. Today we continue to write our history with each and every person that crosses our paths and uses us in part of their special events. It is such an honor to do what we do. Not one day passes that we take it for granted.

Covered With Elegance is a Family ran company and that’s exactly how we want it. Thank you to everyone who has been part of this team, whether be a client or a family member. We wouldn’t be where we are without you.

Sandra Granda